Switch Case Chronicles

A Journey of information and Jiraskar
Where I have learned, that sometimes appearances can be deceiving

So here we go I have mananged to reunite with the Seskii Caravan in Ra-NookNook after becoming separated from them in The Paceblank, i still don’t understand why i wandered off or whom the Quirn i met were, my memory is faded and it feels like I’m missing crucial data….. it worries me slightly has something or someone tampered with my memory storage? but anyway this is about a different story of one of the many things i encountered on my trip to catch up with the Seskii Caravan.

As i was traveling through the Forest, i came across a rather interesting group of people, i first encountered them when i ran into the Jiraskar that i had free in Avalesh, it seemed to be quite happy and excited that it had found me but happy in a way that was bad for me, as I prepared to fight it more of those glowing motes of energy came down and struck me and they did something im not sure, but i shut down and when i awoke i was surrounded by all these humans and visitants wearing Dusters and Hats like mine but colored Crimson as well as they also had boots with a thing they called spurs on them, as well as these weird belt style things around their chests that they called Bandolier’s, and they had these squares of fabric tied around their necks which they called Bandannas, and they were all crimson, they had shirts and pants on but they were all browns and white with their obviously distinctive clothing being a deep crimson colour. But the thing that worried me the most was the fact that they were riding Jiraskar……… with a saddle and everything. They called themselves The Crimson Jiraskar (obvious and unoriginal but i wasn’t going to point that out) and they had some strange connection to their mounts, it was very impressive. They asked me what i was doing in their territory and i said i was lost and looking for a way to get to Ra-Nooknook to catch up with my friends and when i explained there were probably scouting groups out and about from where we had come from they all looked at each other and went we can take you to one of them. I ended up travelling with them for a couple of weeks and i saw that despite the fact that they were riding Jiraskar, they weren’t bad people they went out of their way to help people in the forest for little to no reward, by the end of it i was helping them with any tasks they were doing and they made me an honorary member, giving me a complete set of their Crimson outfit. They got me close to one of the survey Corps scouting parties and they left me there not wanting to draw too much attention to themselves, but i did mention that Sparrowtown existed and that we are looking to unite all the communities and groups in the forest. With that they left and i met up with the Survey Corp squad and they helped direct me to Ra-Nooknook

The Continuation of Unity
An another beginning

It is dark and dreary as a lonely expedition slows for the evening. The forest around it draws in with the shadows of night, and the individuals of the expedition spread out looking for a suitable place to camp. Among the members of the expedition are a host of special folk from all over the forest. Some from a small, unknown Aldeia. The Seski caravaneers each think back on the events of their travels. The young diplomat Eridan has a faraway look on her face as she dwells on the carnage in Veleran the Vagrant City as it burned during its brief civil war. Konrad has a large grin on his face, as if remembering some extravagant party involving large quantities of expensive wine. Amber stares at her feet, as if feeling incredible guilt over something, and every now and then she twitches as if someone suddenly whispered something unpleasant in her ear. The automaton H3X strides along in the back, all confidence. Almost as if it has done some service to an innocent in recent past. The large stone Visitant Carin strolls nonchalantly, as if nothing can faze it. Finally, clearly in the lead of this small part of the expedition, Kochail strides forth. Looking as though a weight rests on his shoulders, and yet smiling, confident that his plans will bear fruit. Each of these folk have been through a lot in the past weeks.

At first setting forth from their new settlement, and then making their way through a secret path in the the Ba’Adenu Forest to the Vagrant City. They have been involved in the fall of gods and the upraising of the downtrodden. They have helped and hurt folk, and made choices with far reaching consequences. An yet, they are the centre of this story. Currently, they are working together with the folk of Avalesh in the hopes of brokering a peace before hostilities have begun. They seek the Loggers from the Pace Blank. These loggers come from a nation known for their large and alien creatures of steel and steam, and their massive, walking cities. These loggers have begun to encroach on sacred land in their search for new fuels for their machines, and in so doing they may awake a great and powerful force. An yet, there is more at work here than the simple whims of man. The question remains, will the intrepid adventurers of Le’Hasherabe discover the threat before it is too late, or will they create a far greater obstacle for the Forest in their search to appease everyone. The Fate of many folk and grand plans rest on their choices, so lets us hope that luck rides with them.
Secrets and Trials
I may have made a grave mistake........

So I may have made a mistake, and i accept any losses of life caused by my decision as my fault and responsibility, but i had to do it, that thing was too dangerous and it was making the people of Avalesh and the areas we passed through incredibly nervous. I could have probably gotten rid of it in a better location or just killed it, but to be fair it had just been doing what it did naturally, and if it had managed to escape of its own accord i don’t think the results would have at the moment been as good. It was stupid of Konrad to catch it in the first place, but whats done is done and now the responsibility and fault is mine, so im hoping that nothing else will come of it and that it will just be glad to be free and that it will go home, I dont think so for a wild animal it seemed to have a remarkable understanding of what was happening and its hatred of Konrad for killing its mate/partner was obvious, it may seek revenge but i hope i communicated to it well enough that if it came back things would not go well for it.

After that incident Kochail decided that there was to be no more secrets, having already lost two Caravan members, we needed to work as a team even more closely to make sure the rest of us didn’t meet the same fate. It turns out Konrad has developed a strange mutation where he can grow a mouthful of sharp vicious teeth and that explains why he always ends up covered in blood specifically its concentration seems to be around his mouth and head area when we fight something. Carin answered some interesting questions about their Physiology and how their race function and it was quite interesting. I ended up having to tell with some rather pointed looks from Kochail that said if i didn’t tell them he would, that i wasn’t as useless as i appeared and that yes i did have sapience, intelligence and free will, i didn’t need to follow orders and that i could make decisions for myself. At this point we shall see what happens with everyone im not sure how Carin or Konrad feel about my lack of free will being a lie and that i can make decisions for myself but we shall see, and hopefully we can find Amber and Eridan, because i think Kochail was taking a liking to Amber in that human emotion called love, and Eridan was just interesting to be around, she always seemed to be very excitable and hyperactive. I hope they are both alive and well……..

Fights in the Dark
And Konrad Mussings

Konrad was finding the journey to Avalesh boring untill the last night. Upon discovering the tracks of the Dinosaurs he knew things were going to get interesting. The road did not leave alot of options for retreating and H3X once again failed to disclose his full range of abilities. Once we started to form a plan on how to fight the creatures we noticed that Amber and Eriden were missing. We went of in the underbrush around the road to see if we could find them. During the search we ambushed by the Large blind velociraptors and to swarms of magic bugs. Carin manage to beat the largest into the ground before Konrad blew it brains out as it charged him. This caused the smaller of the two creatures to run away. Konrad then believed that the smaller creature could not be left to roam free. Its diet was mainly comprised of people or any meat it could get its tentacles on. Konrad could not allow this beast to affect the new intentional trade routes they were forming between all the cities in the Sparrow Town Union. Plus the creature was terrorising and powerful so could be a useful asset in getting people to join the Union. After spending a large part of the night tracking it down and capturing the beast. Konrad then dragged in behind the caravan for the last day trying to get past the hate the creature had for him . We never manage to find Amber and Eriden and Kochail seems fixated on the fact that the dinosaurs did it and blames Konrads pet for they disappearances to such an extent that he wil ltry and kill Konrad if he ever finds out if the beast did kill them. Not this matters as much any more because the stupid robot H3X let the creature go into the forest around hte peaceful town of Avalesh on the first night we arrived there. Is mind you if after the whole town has seen as move around withe animal. He seems to think he done the right thing because now it cant break free and hurt anyone. That is true it can’t break free anymore because the Gor Ram beast is all ready free you Stupid freaking Robot. This is a pissed of man- eating creature lose surrounding a peaceful and almost defenceless town. I will never know what you were thinking because when it starts eating townsfolk they are going to blame us for it . And I promise you they will know you freed it.

Notes found in Konrads office in reference to his time in the Siek Caravan

Captain's Log, 7
In which two members of the Seskii die.

I fear that Eriden and Amber are dead, eaten by a blind, tentacular velociraptor. We slew one, but there was a second, one that Konrad tamed. After searching the woods, I found chunks of Eriden, and Amber’s tracking device gave out. I could not make conclusions with that information, so I dissected one of the velociraptors – the one we’d slain. The remains in its stomach were not identifiable.
Konrad didn’t want me to dissect his ‘pet’, so I had him swear an oath to me: if I found evidence that Eriden and/or Amber had been eaten by that thing, his life would be mine.

H3X decided to the Velociraptor when we got to Avalesh and while the rest of us were getting drinks in the bar. It was an incredibly stupid thing for him to do: those monsters eat humans as their primary diet, however we did find Amber’s anti-sweat crystal, marred by some brownish muck. The evidence mounts, but Konrad, desperate to cling to his life has agreed to one final deal: if no evidence surfaces to the contrary, I may kill him. Until then, I shall keep him alive. He has until we leave Avalesh.

Of course, we arrived in Avalesh and such, but my heart is not in it right now. Two of the caravan members are more than likely dead on my watch. i have nothing more to say.

Over and out.

The Clean up

The last few days in Veleran spent focusing on the trail of the Domo and his elite inner circle. The last of their men tried to stage a ambush during the transit but we major to break free helped by Carin ripping down half a wall and the timely arrival of Amber and Eriden. The rest of the trial went much more smoothly. Konrad wit hH3X and CAIRNS aid even managed to convince the town that the domo could not be left alive and had to be put to the sword. While this happened The rest of the caravan hammered out a new alliance between Veleran and Le’Hasherabe called the Sparrowtown Union. The Union offers everyone one many benfits but Konrad only sees the potential to dominate the trade market and furthering his goals through it all.

Captain's Log, 6
In which the Seskii departs Veleran and justice is dispensed.

We escorted the Domo and his goonies to the courthouse of Veleran the day after the uprising. We’d identified tracking devices on some of them – little did we know that they would be used to set up an ambush until we were in the thick of it. We almost didn’t escape, either, but then Eriden and Amber made their entrance – by riding one of the crystal-seeds that massive crystal above Veleran spits out. Eriden landed right in front of me, literally on the face of the lackey I was fighting. A close call indeed. I ordered Konrad to change route and we made it the rest of the way to the courthouse without a hitch. I guess we were lucky, in a way.
But these delays had cost us precious time, and we were late for the proceedings. As a result, Konrad, H3X, and CARIN had to help the trial along and make sure that the Domo didn’t make it out of there alive while Doc, Eriden, and I dealt with the diplomat from Veleran who was creating a treatise for an alliance between Le’Hasherabe and Veleran.
I do not know what happened in the courtroom, but Konrad told me he strove valiantly – and successfully to make sure that the Domo hung. I was satisfied with this: if there’s one thing I hate more than liars, it’s the corrupt.
Dor, Eriden, and I, together with the diplomat, made the first alliance in the Sparrowtown Union, with Veleran as one of the founding members. This ‘Union’ is our way of restoring the old prosperity of the Ba’Adenu forest, and our way of increasing the influence of Sparrowtown. Each town in the Union is able to have a member on the Union Council (which is separate from our own Sparrowtown Council). Members of the union are able to trade between each other, and count on one-another for support. As a gesture of support, we promised the people of Veleran that we would dispatch a group of laborers – of which we have surplus – to help rebuild Veleran for some time. In return, they are sending us a fleet of Huases.
The Union Council has also the right to embargo other communities and, if necessary, declare war as a group. Naturally, Sparrowtown has multiple seats on this council, with the other members having fewer seats, but this preserves the balance of power to prevent any one city from overpowering the rest. Veleran was quick to sign up; a wise move for them.
The final thing the Union Council does is provide embassies of each town within all of the rest. For us, we took the Domo’s palace as the Sparrowtown embassy. Other buildings within the Illthir’s citadel are being converted for other towns to use as their embassies. Back in Le’Hasherabe, CARIN has built so many houses that we will have plenty of room for a couple of embassies. These embassies, of course, count as territory for the town to which it belongs, not the one in which it is located. Perhaps this will come as an important distinction some day.

Anyway, that is the Sparrowtown Union Treaty as it stands. I have no doubt it will morph as time goes by.

We departed the next day. It was swift travel at first, but we have now reached the final leg of our journey and it has taken a dangerous turn. We have identified another caravan, this one attacked by a large dinosaur, and we have reason to believe that we are being stalked by the same creature as the one that destroyed the other travellers. It may become necessary to defend ourselves soon. I only hope that the Seskii is ready for the battle.

Over and out.

A Diplomat's Guide, Entry #2
Negotiations with The Vagrant City

Again, I will begin with a little less-diplomatic encounter than would perhaps be deserving of the role of a diplomat, but this is how events seem to be unfolding on this… eventful journey.

While the rest of the crew had already descended, Amber and I remained in the crystal for a short time, to help care for the wounded. Or perhaps I was just enjoying having a little silence without Kochail Jaud being in my mind. Either way, I watched as Amber did what she could to help the many wounded in the short amount of time she had, and it was admirable work. The task of getting down from the crystal was perhaps a little less within either of our skill ranges, finding ourselves in the room filled with the seed-like pods, a little varied from how they were only the day before, but seemingly the same in basic function. After a short epiphany-like moment, Amber and I managed to solve the impossible, and work out how to use the controls. Pressing ‘GO’ without actually being in any of the pods, however, was not perhaps our brightest moment, and, following with Kochail’s method of travel, we ran and jumped on the outside of the seed-like pods, as they plummeted towards the ground. Watching the ground getting closer and closer, I tried desperately to open the pod, and only at the very last second, as if by an act of magic – or perhaps simple dumb luck – the pod opened, and I threw myself inside the slimy contraption. I barely had time to see the face of some poor man, before my pod crashed into the ground. That terrified look will never leave me. Not as long as I live.

The others got me out from the pod, and caught me up to speed with the transportation of the Domo to his trial. To watch the crowds of the Vagrant city turn so dramatically from rallying behind this man, and now against him in such an absolute fashion was not surprising, and yet still quite remarkable.

Along with Amber and Kochail, negotiations took place in regards to the relationship between Sparrow town and the Vagrant city with the city’s diplomat. Seemingly a reasonable man, I believe that the city will be our allies in the future. Kochail is very set on his idea of a sort of United Council of sorts, where he plans to combine the forces and resources of the major towns and cities of the forest, to create an overall support network. He even secured an embassy in the Vagrant city, to be run by Daniel of the Forest, with the promise of their city gaining a similar embassy in our own town. I can see numerous benefits and applications to this idea, however, I feel that this is a topic which will require much discussion in the future. In the meanwhile, there has been the promise of a fleet of (quarses?) to be gifted to Sparrow Town, as well as open trade relationship, and a general promise of protection and goodwill. In return for joining Kochail’s Union, Kochail has promised the help of some construction workers and knowledge to help restore the vagrant city, and rebuild much of what has been destroyed – given our experience in this area, I am sure that we will be of considerable use.

Before leaving, I met with Daniel of the Forest, to ensure the safety of the orphans. Upon my leaving, the young boy, Octavian, whom I spoke to earlier, gave me a small cage which spawns objects within it. It was that moment, when Octavian gave me something which he so clearly cares about, that I really felt the difference we had made to the town. Not on a large scale – that had been evident – but to all the individual lives. And so, with that, it seems to be the end of our caravan’s first encounter with the people of the Vagrant city, and although much more intense than I was expecting from a town of worship, I left with a feeling of satisfaction that we had helped the people to gain personal freedom.

Judegement and Punishment
Where Judgement is passed and the guilty pay for their sins......

So we managed to control the Illthir and arrest their Domo, after this struggle there was still fighting in Veleran, but having been part of the main force that stormed the Illthir fortress we were allowed to rest, in the morning everyone was really lazy, so i got up early and went out into the city to visit some of the inhabitants and see their situations before my companions awoke, most of the people with very little seemed to be seriously unaffected from the fighting, but there was still the noise and the threat and they were scared, they even tried to mug me and my money bag got split i managed to grab some of it back but most of it got stolen, but they seemed less hostile after that incident.

Upon returning to the protectorate headquarters we had to escort the captured Domo and several Illthir to be judged and tried, Carin noticed a small little red light flash on one of thir legs and upon closer examination most of them had one, it was a small device which i worked out to be some sort of tracking/ communication device, i disabled all of them and after that we set off. There was a crowd of people outside the Protectorate HQ as we left and some of them seemed hostile, but we managed to get through without too much issue until we came a a cross roads and a heap of Illthir supporters opened fire on us trying to catch us but thanks to some quick thinking by Konrad, Kochail, and Carin and i dont know what they did up there but probably touched things they shouldn’t have, a timely seed pod drop from the crystal by Amber and Eridan, we managed to get all our prisoners to the court house a little bit late but not seriously damaged. In the end most of the protectorate wanted to imprison all the Illthir indefinitely but we convinced them to execute the Domo, to make an example and because his crimes couldn’t be forgiven, this was me, Conrad and Carin, while Kochail, Eridan and Amber worked out the treaty between Le’Hasherabe and Veleran. They seemed hapy with the deal they had made and with our goals accomplished we moved to pack up and head on at the next sunrise for our next destination.

Falling from the Heavens
and casting down false ideals

Leaving the crystal would be more dangerous then getting on ever would be. The seed like pods nearly caused Konrad to be suffocated by the liquid inside and Kochail Jaud was trapped on the outside of one that was shot out with no one inside of it. We then meet with the Protectorates and formed a plan how to deal with the Ilthead. We had planned to remove them as peacefully as possible but a full scale riot was started when Carin throw a paver at the soldiers of the Ilthead. After cutting down a large robot and several soldiers we jumped into the domo private chambers. As Konrad and Kochail Jaud engaged the Domo Carin pushed him out of harms way denying Konrad his chance to Kill him. Konrad only solace was he was told he was going to be able to kill him publicly.


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