Switch Case Chronicles

A Diplomat's Guide, Entry #2

Negotiations with The Vagrant City

Again, I will begin with a little less-diplomatic encounter than would perhaps be deserving of the role of a diplomat, but this is how events seem to be unfolding on this… eventful journey.

While the rest of the crew had already descended, Amber and I remained in the crystal for a short time, to help care for the wounded. Or perhaps I was just enjoying having a little silence without Kochail Jaud being in my mind. Either way, I watched as Amber did what she could to help the many wounded in the short amount of time she had, and it was admirable work. The task of getting down from the crystal was perhaps a little less within either of our skill ranges, finding ourselves in the room filled with the seed-like pods, a little varied from how they were only the day before, but seemingly the same in basic function. After a short epiphany-like moment, Amber and I managed to solve the impossible, and work out how to use the controls. Pressing ‘GO’ without actually being in any of the pods, however, was not perhaps our brightest moment, and, following with Kochail’s method of travel, we ran and jumped on the outside of the seed-like pods, as they plummeted towards the ground. Watching the ground getting closer and closer, I tried desperately to open the pod, and only at the very last second, as if by an act of magic – or perhaps simple dumb luck – the pod opened, and I threw myself inside the slimy contraption. I barely had time to see the face of some poor man, before my pod crashed into the ground. That terrified look will never leave me. Not as long as I live.

The others got me out from the pod, and caught me up to speed with the transportation of the Domo to his trial. To watch the crowds of the Vagrant city turn so dramatically from rallying behind this man, and now against him in such an absolute fashion was not surprising, and yet still quite remarkable.

Along with Amber and Kochail, negotiations took place in regards to the relationship between Sparrow town and the Vagrant city with the city’s diplomat. Seemingly a reasonable man, I believe that the city will be our allies in the future. Kochail is very set on his idea of a sort of United Council of sorts, where he plans to combine the forces and resources of the major towns and cities of the forest, to create an overall support network. He even secured an embassy in the Vagrant city, to be run by Daniel of the Forest, with the promise of their city gaining a similar embassy in our own town. I can see numerous benefits and applications to this idea, however, I feel that this is a topic which will require much discussion in the future. In the meanwhile, there has been the promise of a fleet of (quarses?) to be gifted to Sparrow Town, as well as open trade relationship, and a general promise of protection and goodwill. In return for joining Kochail’s Union, Kochail has promised the help of some construction workers and knowledge to help restore the vagrant city, and rebuild much of what has been destroyed – given our experience in this area, I am sure that we will be of considerable use.

Before leaving, I met with Daniel of the Forest, to ensure the safety of the orphans. Upon my leaving, the young boy, Octavian, whom I spoke to earlier, gave me a small cage which spawns objects within it. It was that moment, when Octavian gave me something which he so clearly cares about, that I really felt the difference we had made to the town. Not on a large scale – that had been evident – but to all the individual lives. And so, with that, it seems to be the end of our caravan’s first encounter with the people of the Vagrant city, and although much more intense than I was expecting from a town of worship, I left with a feeling of satisfaction that we had helped the people to gain personal freedom.



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