Switch Case Chronicles

A Journey of information and Jiraskar

Where I have learned, that sometimes appearances can be deceiving

So here we go I have mananged to reunite with the Seskii Caravan in Ra-NookNook after becoming separated from them in The Paceblank, i still don’t understand why i wandered off or whom the Quirn i met were, my memory is faded and it feels like I’m missing crucial data….. it worries me slightly has something or someone tampered with my memory storage? but anyway this is about a different story of one of the many things i encountered on my trip to catch up with the Seskii Caravan.

As i was traveling through the Forest, i came across a rather interesting group of people, i first encountered them when i ran into the Jiraskar that i had free in Avalesh, it seemed to be quite happy and excited that it had found me but happy in a way that was bad for me, as I prepared to fight it more of those glowing motes of energy came down and struck me and they did something im not sure, but i shut down and when i awoke i was surrounded by all these humans and visitants wearing Dusters and Hats like mine but colored Crimson as well as they also had boots with a thing they called spurs on them, as well as these weird belt style things around their chests that they called Bandolier’s, and they had these squares of fabric tied around their necks which they called Bandannas, and they were all crimson, they had shirts and pants on but they were all browns and white with their obviously distinctive clothing being a deep crimson colour. But the thing that worried me the most was the fact that they were riding Jiraskar……… with a saddle and everything. They called themselves The Crimson Jiraskar (obvious and unoriginal but i wasn’t going to point that out) and they had some strange connection to their mounts, it was very impressive. They asked me what i was doing in their territory and i said i was lost and looking for a way to get to Ra-Nooknook to catch up with my friends and when i explained there were probably scouting groups out and about from where we had come from they all looked at each other and went we can take you to one of them. I ended up travelling with them for a couple of weeks and i saw that despite the fact that they were riding Jiraskar, they weren’t bad people they went out of their way to help people in the forest for little to no reward, by the end of it i was helping them with any tasks they were doing and they made me an honorary member, giving me a complete set of their Crimson outfit. They got me close to one of the survey Corps scouting parties and they left me there not wanting to draw too much attention to themselves, but i did mention that Sparrowtown existed and that we are looking to unite all the communities and groups in the forest. With that they left and i met up with the Survey Corp squad and they helped direct me to Ra-Nooknook



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