Switch Case Chronicles

Captain's Log, 7

In which two members of the Seskii die.

I fear that Eriden and Amber are dead, eaten by a blind, tentacular velociraptor. We slew one, but there was a second, one that Konrad tamed. After searching the woods, I found chunks of Eriden, and Amber’s tracking device gave out. I could not make conclusions with that information, so I dissected one of the velociraptors – the one we’d slain. The remains in its stomach were not identifiable.
Konrad didn’t want me to dissect his ‘pet’, so I had him swear an oath to me: if I found evidence that Eriden and/or Amber had been eaten by that thing, his life would be mine.

H3X decided to the Velociraptor when we got to Avalesh and while the rest of us were getting drinks in the bar. It was an incredibly stupid thing for him to do: those monsters eat humans as their primary diet, however we did find Amber’s anti-sweat crystal, marred by some brownish muck. The evidence mounts, but Konrad, desperate to cling to his life has agreed to one final deal: if no evidence surfaces to the contrary, I may kill him. Until then, I shall keep him alive. He has until we leave Avalesh.

Of course, we arrived in Avalesh and such, but my heart is not in it right now. Two of the caravan members are more than likely dead on my watch. i have nothing more to say.

Over and out.



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