Switch Case Chronicles

Falling from the Heavens

and casting down false ideals

Leaving the crystal would be more dangerous then getting on ever would be. The seed like pods nearly caused Konrad to be suffocated by the liquid inside and Kochail Jaud was trapped on the outside of one that was shot out with no one inside of it. We then meet with the Protectorates and formed a plan how to deal with the Ilthead. We had planned to remove them as peacefully as possible but a full scale riot was started when Carin throw a paver at the soldiers of the Ilthead. After cutting down a large robot and several soldiers we jumped into the domo private chambers. As Konrad and Kochail Jaud engaged the Domo Carin pushed him out of harms way denying Konrad his chance to Kill him. Konrad only solace was he was told he was going to be able to kill him publicly.



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