Switch Case Chronicles

Fights in the Dark

And Konrad Mussings

Konrad was finding the journey to Avalesh boring untill the last night. Upon discovering the tracks of the Dinosaurs he knew things were going to get interesting. The road did not leave alot of options for retreating and H3X once again failed to disclose his full range of abilities. Once we started to form a plan on how to fight the creatures we noticed that Amber and Eriden were missing. We went of in the underbrush around the road to see if we could find them. During the search we ambushed by the Large blind velociraptors and to swarms of magic bugs. Carin manage to beat the largest into the ground before Konrad blew it brains out as it charged him. This caused the smaller of the two creatures to run away. Konrad then believed that the smaller creature could not be left to roam free. Its diet was mainly comprised of people or any meat it could get its tentacles on. Konrad could not allow this beast to affect the new intentional trade routes they were forming between all the cities in the Sparrow Town Union. Plus the creature was terrorising and powerful so could be a useful asset in getting people to join the Union. After spending a large part of the night tracking it down and capturing the beast. Konrad then dragged in behind the caravan for the last day trying to get past the hate the creature had for him . We never manage to find Amber and Eriden and Kochail seems fixated on the fact that the dinosaurs did it and blames Konrads pet for they disappearances to such an extent that he wil ltry and kill Konrad if he ever finds out if the beast did kill them. Not this matters as much any more because the stupid robot H3X let the creature go into the forest around hte peaceful town of Avalesh on the first night we arrived there. Is mind you if after the whole town has seen as move around withe animal. He seems to think he done the right thing because now it cant break free and hurt anyone. That is true it can’t break free anymore because the Gor Ram beast is all ready free you Stupid freaking Robot. This is a pissed of man- eating creature lose surrounding a peaceful and almost defenceless town. I will never know what you were thinking because when it starts eating townsfolk they are going to blame us for it . And I promise you they will know you freed it.

Notes found in Konrads office in reference to his time in the Siek Caravan



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