Switch Case Chronicles

Secrets and Trials

I may have made a grave mistake........

So I may have made a mistake, and i accept any losses of life caused by my decision as my fault and responsibility, but i had to do it, that thing was too dangerous and it was making the people of Avalesh and the areas we passed through incredibly nervous. I could have probably gotten rid of it in a better location or just killed it, but to be fair it had just been doing what it did naturally, and if it had managed to escape of its own accord i don’t think the results would have at the moment been as good. It was stupid of Konrad to catch it in the first place, but whats done is done and now the responsibility and fault is mine, so im hoping that nothing else will come of it and that it will just be glad to be free and that it will go home, I dont think so for a wild animal it seemed to have a remarkable understanding of what was happening and its hatred of Konrad for killing its mate/partner was obvious, it may seek revenge but i hope i communicated to it well enough that if it came back things would not go well for it.

After that incident Kochail decided that there was to be no more secrets, having already lost two Caravan members, we needed to work as a team even more closely to make sure the rest of us didn’t meet the same fate. It turns out Konrad has developed a strange mutation where he can grow a mouthful of sharp vicious teeth and that explains why he always ends up covered in blood specifically its concentration seems to be around his mouth and head area when we fight something. Carin answered some interesting questions about their Physiology and how their race function and it was quite interesting. I ended up having to tell with some rather pointed looks from Kochail that said if i didn’t tell them he would, that i wasn’t as useless as i appeared and that yes i did have sapience, intelligence and free will, i didn’t need to follow orders and that i could make decisions for myself. At this point we shall see what happens with everyone im not sure how Carin or Konrad feel about my lack of free will being a lie and that i can make decisions for myself but we shall see, and hopefully we can find Amber and Eridan, because i think Kochail was taking a liking to Amber in that human emotion called love, and Eridan was just interesting to be around, she always seemed to be very excitable and hyperactive. I hope they are both alive and well……..



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