Switch Case Chronicles

The Balance of Power

We change the political power of a whole region.........

At the top of the world, upon our successful completion of the shutting down of the Devastation and the programming of the Crystal, we went and found ‘The Hopeful’ back in the room where the massacre had taken place. She had decided that she didn’t want to go along with our plan anymore but luckily she also wasnt going to interfere, so Kochail seemed happy to just let her go. We replenished our Cypher supplies from some of the relics scattered around the ‘Crystal’ but we still had to find our way back down which we did………. with some weird pod like devices that seemed to almost be like seeds, however it wasn’t without incident since Kochail somehow set his off without getting in it and was thus riding what i would term a ‘bullet’ to the ground. Everyone else seemed to get down okay, the pods apparently contained some sort of nourishing fluid, which we gave to the people of Veleran as a sign of our good faith and hopefully helping to sway them to side with us when we confronted the Illthir.

We were rushed to the Protectorates fort where we met up with Teryn for our final laying down of plans and strategizing to co-ordinate everything. Just a little before sunset we headed to the Illthir compound where we dispersed ourselves amongst the crowd with Kochail taking centre stage as our primary speaker. it all went mostly according to plan, With Kochail’s stirring and masterful work in denying the Illthir their power, there was a few mishaps and mistakes but Conrad, Myself and Carin managed to do our parts and helped turn those around we maanged to win most of the crowd over to our side and made the Illthir look exactly like what they were cheating muderous and abusive thugs who cared nothing for Veleran only for lining their own pockets. It came to a head when Carin decided to throw a flagstone at one of the Illthir groups and then all hell broke loose as a small child followed suit and then there was battle.

The resulting chaos was deafening with the protectorate clashing with the Illthir and the Illthir unleashing these giant suits of what i could only describe as being built purposely for war………… someone even threw a singularity grenade which we managed to divert back into mostly one of the Illthir’s war automatons with a masterful kick by Conrad. Upon dispatching with the giant robot-suits we had to get up onto the balcony where the Illthir Domo had been standing throughout his speech, Kochail managed to climb up there and Conrad used his interesting lightning abilities to teleport himself up there, which left me and Carin down on the lower level, i managed to modify one of my cyphers to teleport Carin up there because i knew he would be more helpful then i would be in the fight raging on up there. In the end we won, and we captured the Domo, Carin seemed to be upset for some reason that i teleported him up there though and i cant figure out why…….. it puzzles me cause i helped him be more efficient.



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