Switch Case Chronicles

The Continuation of Unity

An another beginning

It is dark and dreary as a lonely expedition slows for the evening. The forest around it draws in with the shadows of night, and the individuals of the expedition spread out looking for a suitable place to camp. Among the members of the expedition are a host of special folk from all over the forest. Some from a small, unknown Aldeia. The Seski caravaneers each think back on the events of their travels. The young diplomat Eridan has a faraway look on her face as she dwells on the carnage in Veleran the Vagrant City as it burned during its brief civil war. Konrad has a large grin on his face, as if remembering some extravagant party involving large quantities of expensive wine. Amber stares at her feet, as if feeling incredible guilt over something, and every now and then she twitches as if someone suddenly whispered something unpleasant in her ear. The automaton H3X strides along in the back, all confidence. Almost as if it has done some service to an innocent in recent past. The large stone Visitant Carin strolls nonchalantly, as if nothing can faze it. Finally, clearly in the lead of this small part of the expedition, Kochail strides forth. Looking as though a weight rests on his shoulders, and yet smiling, confident that his plans will bear fruit. Each of these folk have been through a lot in the past weeks.

At first setting forth from their new settlement, and then making their way through a secret path in the the Ba’Adenu Forest to the Vagrant City. They have been involved in the fall of gods and the upraising of the downtrodden. They have helped and hurt folk, and made choices with far reaching consequences. An yet, they are the centre of this story. Currently, they are working together with the folk of Avalesh in the hopes of brokering a peace before hostilities have begun. They seek the Loggers from the Pace Blank. These loggers come from a nation known for their large and alien creatures of steel and steam, and their massive, walking cities. These loggers have begun to encroach on sacred land in their search for new fuels for their machines, and in so doing they may awake a great and powerful force. An yet, there is more at work here than the simple whims of man. The question remains, will the intrepid adventurers of Le’Hasherabe discover the threat before it is too late, or will they create a far greater obstacle for the Forest in their search to appease everyone. The Fate of many folk and grand plans rest on their choices, so lets us hope that luck rides with them.



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