Daniel of the Forest

The member of the Le'Hasherabe Survey Corps in Veleran


Daniel was assigned to Veleran to act as a mediator. He quite dislikes it there. Although the soil is good and crops grow well, he and the other members of the Veleran Protectorate go hungry as the Illthir take half of everything – including their food. It is tough, but he has also adopted a number of orphans, helping them as best he can.

Daniel, though he currently does not have any status in Veleran, discussed with Kochail the possibility of opening and embassy of Le’Hasherabe in Veleran. Although the process looks daunting to Kochail, Daniel, being the only member of Le’Hasherabe present in Veleran other than the Seskii Caravan, would become the ambassador.


Daniel of the Forest

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