Dave Wolfe

a man who fight (and fucks it up) and illusions sometimes


Dave is a lazy man born to a watchwoman and a chef. He had a life which happened, and in that life he looked up to his mother, who was a guard for the Community, from things native to Somewhere Else. He found that the majority of his mothers time was consumed with watching. Whether it be watching other members of The Community or the strange creatures of the wilds. The premise of simply sitting and watching, with nothing else to do, appealed to the young man. To prove to the council he was the man for the job, he spent a moderate amount of time learning how to wield weapons of war, but in truth he couldnt say he tried very hard. The Community was not a place that needed an army, and Dave had always had talent at deceit. An so it was that he found himself a job as a Watchman, with his mother. Generally, as far from her as he could get though, because she always insisted on making him do things.

After a particularly nasty stint with his mother, where she made him go on an actual patrol, he found himself in possession of a truly useful power. At least it was for someone as lazy as Dave. He found, with little real effort, that he could summon illusions out of the air. Images made of nothing but light. It was a boon he was truly greatful for, as it made it so much easier to avoid work. Unfortunately, it gained the attention of the council, and now they have decided he will be principal in their goals of reclaiming access to the ninth world.

as of the time of writing, Dave Wolf is currently missing, along with Knoxx Yuaut. I write this short bio for his mother, Esmerelda Wolf, in the hopes that her son can be remembered. Truly, i have never met a woman with as little respect for her son as that one. – Recorder of the Passages, Herman John

Dave Wolfe

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