Emeryn Idryonson

Emeryn is a forward thinking young woman. One of the youngest in history to be on the council. She believes being disconnected to the 9th World is the single greatest threat The Community has ever faced.


Emeryn is a young woman of 26. She stands tall at about 6 foot. Her hair is black, and her eyes are piercing blue. She stands as if she is perpetually fending people off, and will take offense quickly. She will not stand to talk with fools, and views those with sedentary views as such.

She generally wears practical clothes, but over the top she wears a deep red cloak as all members of the council do.


Early Life

She was born to a small but prominent family within The Community. The Idryonson line has a history of working with the Council, and many of the council’s members have also been on the council. As such, it was no surprise to most when Emeryn sought membership, and less of a surprise that she gained it.

Notable Events

Emeryn was one of the two council members that participated in The Great Reclaiming. During that time she showed herself to be a strong leader, able to remain calm in even the most trying of times. Some say it is only because of her strength that the Community was able to keep itself together long enough for the Missing to finally bring an end to the conflict.

Emeryn Idryonson

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