Eriden Fell Bramen

A Clever Jack who Commands Mental Power


Eriden has long, black hair, which stands out particularly against her pale complexion. With striking light blue eyes, a slightly rounded face, and a small, lightly pointed nose. She has a generally positive attitude, although can become quite defensive.
Eriden has dark brown leather armour, with a high collar. Yellow, Rose, and White gold embellishes the armour, weaving its way up in an intricate floral design. Around her shoulders, she has a navy coat – one which is made from a material which happens to never reflect in mirrors.
In her often braided dark hair, she wears a circlet, which matches her armour in that it is crafted with the same metals, delicately crafted so that holding a real flower crown as a comparison, one would be able to find few differences in the intricacies. In the centre of the circlet, near her forehead, is an old coin from one of the many centuries past. Although it barely seems to stand out in comparison to the rest of her, it is this coin which Eriden cares for the most.


Eriden grew up in a small family in Somewhere Else, with her brother, Godric, and her mother. Eriden’s mother was not a kind person, and her father was just never there. When Eri was at the age of just eight, her mother disappeared – and although Godric never told her so, Eriden knew her mother was dead. As a result of this, Eriden was raised by her older brother; an honourable, kind, and brave man. Due to their close upbringing, the two shared a mental link.

For the sake of duty, Godric joined The Dead War, along with his closest friend, Kochail Jaud. Ever since the day Godric died in the war, and Kochail took his sword, Eri has shared that same, if less appreciated, link with Kochail.

When the opportunity rose to return to Le’Hasherabe, Eriden took the chance to do something brave and honorable with her life, just like her older brother, she stepped through the portal, into the unknown world of Earth.

Eriden Fell Bramen

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