H3X (H310) is a Quirn from ‘The Community’, who stands around 6 feet tall and unlike other Quirn is a Dark Obsidian black, with a Red Core and 4 vein like lines extending out from it, one going down each of his limbs. He also has electric blue eyes and is never seen without his Duster and Cowboy hat. There is never a moment where H3X is without his various mechanic tools or his distinctive forearm blade.


H3X is an enigma even amongst the Quirn of ‘The Community’ due to the fact that he is a partially ‘mute’ Quirn who lived in ‘Somewhere Else’. Unlike The Quirn of ‘The Community’ he has no free will, he will do whatever he is told to do with some exceptions, But unlike the ‘Mute’ Quirn of the 9th world he displays remarkable intelligence when given a job to do, in the sense that he will try and do whatever is necessary to achieve the completion of the task.

H3X has been in ‘The Community’ for as long as anyone can remember and even the records speak of a Black Quirn who has helped and assisted the people of ‘The Community’ since they came to ‘Somewhere Else’. He has always shown remarkable aptitude for working with all things mechanical and so he was given the primary role of fixing things that anyone needed fixed.

For some reason though there has been an issue with H3X, in that he has suffered from a recurring glitch and simply wanders off from ‘The Community’ and disappears. He generally returns several days later carrying bits and pieces of machinery to fix a mechanical problem he had been working on prior to his disappearance. ‘The Council’ have always tried to find a solution to this problem but to no avail. Even calling on other Quirn to help understand why this happens has not helped shed light on the problem.

H3X will follow any command given, with a few minor unexplainable exceptions; he will never harm himself directly or take off his Duster or Cowboy hat. He will also not allow anyone else apart from himself to carry out maintenance or repairs upon himself, becoming very violent and destructive when anyone attempts to.

Since ‘The Great Reclaiming’, Hex has been helping in Le’Hasherabe with the rebuilding and the defense of the new town. He has been under the command of Kochail Jaud since coming to the 9th world.

H3X has also caused several issues simply by doing as he is asked because back in ‘The Community’ the children thought it would be fun to mess with him. They often gave him random orders that took him away from the tasks he had been assigned to do. Sometimes someone would need him but he was busy elsewhere because he couldnt refuse the childrens orders. it led to all sorts of issues and confusion as jobs where left unfinished or melded together into amalgamations of different jobs, sometimes good and sometimes bad. This led to Kochail Jaud taking the Quirn under his guidance to attempt to keep the poor automaton from harm, and has caused the two to be nigh inseparable to this day.


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