Jaime McFarlowe

A tall, gaunt looking man


Jaime is a tall man of 32 years. He has dark brown hair and green eyes. His mannerisms and dress change depending on what his goals are. He is goal oriented, and happy to take risks to achieve those goals. He will do what must be done, and generally acts for the greater good. Though, his views on what the greater good is may differ to others.


Life before the Council

Little is known about Jaime’s life before he joined the council. Some say he had a family, and others say he’s always been alone. His family was unknown prior to his ascension, and with no children too his name, it seems it will stay that way.

The Cost of Pragmatism

During The Great Reclaiming, Jaime took pains to present himself as a handsome and heroic figure. Other times, he will present as a crouched gaunt figure, in order to encourage others to speak their mind. He is overly a pragmatic and practical man that is focused on his goals, and will change his appearance in whatever way he feels will best serve them. As a result, some people find him two faced and untrustworthy. Others believe he is a good man, but misguided. Some though, see him as a great man, but one to be distanced from. His choices have lead him to a solitary life.

The Great Reclaiming

During the Reclaiming it became apparent to many that Jaime was skilled in ways they had not anticipated. One of the two council members on the expedition, Jaime was the doctor of the expedition, and acquitted himself admirably in that regard. Otherwise, he worked tirelessly to keep everyone focused and to support Emeryn in her goals.

Jaime McFarlowe

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