Kochail Jaud

Kochail Jaud is an Honourable Glaive who Leads his caravan.


Kochail is a tall man, probably in the order of 6 ft., though dwarfed by CARIN, the rock and H3X, the robot. He has dark hair, and rarely has any stubble to speak of.
He wears a white shirt with a brown, synth waistcote with a hood attached that he found in Le’Hasherabe shortly after the Dead War. It’s hard to find Kochail without his lucky boots (pointy leather boots with copper trim), which are part of his family heirloom: a set of garish clothing that never tears nor gathers dirt. He puts on these clothes when meeting new cultures for the first time, to make a good impression. It includes a long red coat with oversized lapels and copper trim to match his boots, grey silk hose, and a snow-white doublet. At least it’s better than dealing with locals in his beat-up travelling attire.


Kochail fought in the Dead War. He remembers it vividly, barely holding on for his dear life. Of his platoon, his childhood friend Godric died. The only survivors other than Kochail were H3X, the robot who obeys every command, and who Kochail likes to look out for, and Amber Justice, the military doc who was indispensable in the battles fought in the Dead War.
After the war, Kochail became quite respected in the community. He turned down a spot in the Survey Corps and turned his attention to helping the townsfolk make repairs. He’d decided that he’d seen enough war in his time. This changed when the Council approached him and ‘asked’ him to assemble a caravan out of the misfits around him.

Kochail Jaud

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