Quirn Assisstant to H3X


M3CHIS (M3100HIS) is a small humanoid Quirn found in Le’Hasherabe. He is just over a foot tall, with 2 arms and 2 legs and a head, he is silver and blue like other Quirn but unlike H3X he cant talk.


M3CHIS was found in Le’Hasherabe by Elley Donovan the mechanic for the Scarlet Caravan, she was busy trying to fix him up so H3X helped her under the instruction from Kochail, to fix the little Quirn’s arm and give it some much needed attention and care throughout the whole afternoon of repair and care Elley seemed to be impressed with how H3X handled the little Quirn, gently pointing out mistakes and correcting it. By the end of the day she told H3X he was to be entrusted with the care and continued ‘education’ of the little Quirn. H3X asked her what its name would be and she told him to come up with one. So he named it M3100HIS or M3CHIS. H3X has been using little M3CHIS to help him with all his mechanical work and at the same time teaching him all the tricks and tips he has learned about mechanics. Currently little M3CHIS is serving as the back up Mechanic on the Seskii Caravan.


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