Kochail's Protege and ex-Illthir


Margueritte “Maggie” joined the Illthir long ago to sing praises to the Truth and spend herself in a worthy cause. Unfortunately, this ‘worthy cause’ was a sham, purported by the Illthier themselves, a group of corrupt clergy who controlled Veleran.

Maggie helped the Seskii Caravan when they liberated Veleran, and seeing a cause that was truly worthy, she joined and became a member of the caravan. She is now an ambassador from Veleran and travelling with Kochail and the other members of the Caravan around the Ba’Adenu forest.

Maggie wears leather armour, comfortable and with many buckles. When she left the Illthier, she cut her hair short and wears it close to her chin.



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