Rondeith Deatric

Rondeith is a man who maintains himself impeccably. He is also a man that does not.


Rondeith is a man of The Community. He is in truth many men of the community, and possibly some woman, and also neither of these things. Rondeith is a survivor of The Great Reclaiming who discovered, inadvertently, that he is many people and also one person. As yet, three of his identities have come into the world.

Rondeith is a man that takes his personal hygiene very seriously. He keeps his face clean shaven, his hair well groomed, and his clothes in good repair. His posture is good, and he always stands tall.

Rendeith is a mean cruel little man. Often bent slightly, Rendeith takes no prode in his appearance. His beard is a large, scraggly mess, his hair is unkempt, and his clothing is patched and dirty.

Randeith is a young woman. Looking similar in form to Ron and Ren, Ran is more diminutive, with most of the hard edges filed off. Her hair is short and spiked up and often multicoloured.

Rondeith is many, but one.


“The subject is clearly unstable council member. At first, he recounted a tale of fear, where in he was ambushed in the hovel. We believe this first account to be most accurate, as it clearly fits with what The Missing recounted. In it, he an his fellows found the hovel, were ambushed, and then slain. His story at the time clearly involved watching himself die. However, every time his personality shifts, the story changes slightly. Its at the point now where Rendeith as he refers to himself is screaming about shadowy nemesis carving him up and secret labs with villains. I fear if he doesnt settle into some normalcy soon, he may never recover.” the young man stops talking, almost out of breath. It seems he had not intended to rant as he had. “Truth is Councillor, he’s dangerous. The Rendieth identity is vicious, and intent on murdering The Missing. He blames them for his death, and he remembers that vividly. He’s already attempted to escape multiple times. I dont know what to do with him.”

“Do. We will do nothing but try to help him. ”/wikis/the-old-man-or-hermit" class=“wiki-page-link”> The Old Man and Esther Bauer made choices when we came to this place knowing full well there would be consequences. Ron here paid them in full, and it is our duty to try and heal him. its miraculous that he even lives, and we will not abandon him." Emeryn looks thoughtfully through the window at the two identical men in the medical ward below, strapped to their beds.

“Councillor. They wish The Missing dead. How can we fix that”, the attendant looks concerned.

“i do not know. We will try though, it is our duty”. Emeryn turns and leaves.

Rondeith Deatric is a man who can exist in many places at once, but he has suffered for this gift. During The Great Reclaiming he was one of the first people sent out to scout Le’Hasherabe, before the Community knew what danger they were in. In that expedition, Rondeith saw himself die. Watched as he was pulled apart by an undead horror, and the sight broke him. He didn’t know that he was special, an so it was a shock to his very sense of self. Now, he struggles to put himself back together. Many think of him as a twin with himself, not understanding the truth. An in truth, he doesnt wish them to. His is a burden more than a gift, as the split in his mind allows the darkest of his tendencies to take on life as alter egos to himself. As such, he spends his time trying to literally keep them in line.

The Expedition to Whitespell is the first occasion that Rondeith was given a chance to actually assist the community. He jumped at the opportunity, not realising who he would be going with. An yet, through careful manipulation on the Councillors part, they managed to convince both Esther Bauer and The Old Man to take the troubled young man along. As yet, he has managed to keep himself together without harming them, but it is always at the forefront of his thoughts.

Rondeith Deatric

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