Switch Case Chronicles

The Balance of Power
We change the political power of a whole region.........

At the top of the world, upon our successful completion of the shutting down of the Devastation and the programming of the Crystal, we went and found ‘The Hopeful’ back in the room where the massacre had taken place. She had decided that she didn’t want to go along with our plan anymore but luckily she also wasnt going to interfere, so Kochail seemed happy to just let her go. We replenished our Cypher supplies from some of the relics scattered around the ‘Crystal’ but we still had to find our way back down which we did………. with some weird pod like devices that seemed to almost be like seeds, however it wasn’t without incident since Kochail somehow set his off without getting in it and was thus riding what i would term a ‘bullet’ to the ground. Everyone else seemed to get down okay, the pods apparently contained some sort of nourishing fluid, which we gave to the people of Veleran as a sign of our good faith and hopefully helping to sway them to side with us when we confronted the Illthir.

We were rushed to the Protectorates fort where we met up with Teryn for our final laying down of plans and strategizing to co-ordinate everything. Just a little before sunset we headed to the Illthir compound where we dispersed ourselves amongst the crowd with Kochail taking centre stage as our primary speaker. it all went mostly according to plan, With Kochail’s stirring and masterful work in denying the Illthir their power, there was a few mishaps and mistakes but Conrad, Myself and Carin managed to do our parts and helped turn those around we maanged to win most of the crowd over to our side and made the Illthir look exactly like what they were cheating muderous and abusive thugs who cared nothing for Veleran only for lining their own pockets. It came to a head when Carin decided to throw a flagstone at one of the Illthir groups and then all hell broke loose as a small child followed suit and then there was battle.

The resulting chaos was deafening with the protectorate clashing with the Illthir and the Illthir unleashing these giant suits of what i could only describe as being built purposely for war………… someone even threw a singularity grenade which we managed to divert back into mostly one of the Illthir’s war automatons with a masterful kick by Conrad. Upon dispatching with the giant robot-suits we had to get up onto the balcony where the Illthir Domo had been standing throughout his speech, Kochail managed to climb up there and Conrad used his interesting lightning abilities to teleport himself up there, which left me and Carin down on the lower level, i managed to modify one of my cyphers to teleport Carin up there because i knew he would be more helpful then i would be in the fight raging on up there. In the end we won, and we captured the Domo, Carin seemed to be upset for some reason that i teleported him up there though and i cant figure out why…….. it puzzles me cause i helped him be more efficient.

Captain's Log, 5
In which Veleran is liberated from the Illthir

After setting up the crystal to meet our insiduous plan, we realised that we needed to get down. The Hopeful, we learnt, was not interested in our plans and she seemed to be happy to live out her days in peace and quiet, so we went our own ways. We found a way down by following a set of footprints left by one of the Deneira, which led to a series of escape crystals of some sort. I tried to activate one with some random object caught inside. Naturally, my coat caught and I was yanked out of the crystal and hurtled down to Earth.

It was like riding at a rodeo. I straddled the large crystal and leaned forward, tumbling head-first down from the dizzying height of the floating gods-home above me. I pulled out my force-screen projector, and used it to create a plane of force angled such that I didn’t hit the ground first, but rather slid along it like a toboggan. It was quite successful, and though I put Herculean effort into it, I only suffered mild abrasions from my coat.

I ran back to catch up with CARIN, H3X, and Conrad. Doc and Eriden remained on the crystal; our benevolent doctor to fix the wounded and Eriden, I suspect, because she suffered rather strongly from height-induced vertigo.

Teryn found us and gave us shelter in the Valerat Protectorate, and then the real show began.

We marched from the Protectorate to the Illthir’s Citadel, where the Illthir Domo wanted us to subject to him. The crowd parted before us in fear – fear for what would befall us, but also (I suspect) fear for what would happen to Veleran when this was all over. The others melded into the crowds, such that I was left to stand alone in the centre of the courtyard to address the Domo. They had their parts to play, I had mine.

Everyone performed spectacularly. Jaws and H3X expertly swayed the crowd to listen to my words, which belittled the Illthir Domo. When the crystal moved as the last rays of sunlight ceased to touch it, he thought to use it to his advantage. This all collapsed on him. Enraged, he called for his people to bring me down, but they were on my side. When CARIN threw a (big) rock toward the Illthir, it was soon followed by countless more, and the coup d’etat had begun.

We all fought to the Illthir Domo’s chambers, where we fought him directly. CARIN threw him back, but as he turned to strike Konrad down, I ordered him to surrender. He, of course, obeyed, though it was not his will but mine that brought him to his knees.

Tomorrow there will be a public execution. The Illthir have been ousted, and some modicum of peace has been restored to the town already. It will still take time for this to die down further, but justice has been served this day. We do not have time to see our efforts come to fruition – we must keep the Seskii Caravan moving if we are to make it to Ra’NookNook in time to meet the Scarlett Caravan. I certainly hope they have fared at least as well as we.

Over and out.

A Diplomat's Guide
A Not-So Diplomatic Encounter

The Vagrant City looked…not exactly welcoming when we first came, but it didn’t look violent. This was one of the many thoughts that crossed my mind as I was looking out over the scene before me.

A massacre. That’s what I was seeing. A room filled with children covered in blood and guts, and parts of human organs I didn’t realize even existed. That said, it basically all looked the same – a whole lot of red. Next to me, however, was something perhaps more revolting than the scene outside. It was The Hopeful, a tall woman who was one of the Dinera. It was not her appearance that was sickening, it was more her gleeful attitude towards the scene outside; the sort of eager, sadistic glee which was just about bubbling over the top.

It is situations like these which make me question whether I’m here to talk to people – make peace, devise trades – or just watch the people be torn to bits.

Amber's Medical Log #3

What a sight to witness. My moral boundaries were pushed when I was faced with a violent debacle of child slaves viciously attacking those who had detained them and could barely move from their couches as they lay around in their life of luxury. When the bloodshed began I was torn between attacking the bastards myself and letting the children seek their own retribution. By then it was far too dangerous to even go in and treat the wounded. Then I was left feeling guilty for not stepping in when I perhaps should have. I am a healer, a carer, a protector. I wish I had done more.

Through Blood We are Cleansed
And in Our Cleansing We are Reborn

Walking into the crystal Konrad and the rest of the caravan members were met by a small interesting automaton named Torro Of the Forset. This servo-bot talked way to much but did on occasion dole out some useful information. He also directed Konrad and the others to where the Deneria were idling their lives away. Upon entering their audience chamber Konrad discovered a horrifying scene. The Deneria had all turned to debauchery and sin in their indolence. Fat sloth like body’s draped over lounges while others committed unspeakable acts to childlike-slaves. A great hatred welled up inside of Konrad. These crimes had to be punished severely and swiftly. Most of the caravan agreed although some squirmed at the full extent of what needed to be done. Kochail Jaud even tried to arm them but their smoke and pleasure rotted brains didn’t know how to use the knife. The slave children helped cast down their oppressors by rising up and slaughtering the false gods. These children would need to be cared for and taught how to control their rage soon so it couldnt break them further still. After the cleansing of the chamber, Konrad rejoined the other caravan members and together they shut down The Devastation, a weapon of mass destruction that the Dinera used to control others with fear. Konrad’s role in this was to guide Carin into the power supply or “stomach” of the giant crystal and bend it to the will of H3X so thier goals could be met. Now they must return to the surface and prove to the Citizens of Veleran that the priests must be removed from power for the good of all.

Captain's Log, 4
In which the gods of Veleran are murdered at the hands of children.

We climbed into the gigantic crystal suspensed numenerically above Veleran. My anti-gravity spray came in useful to slow our descent. Once inside, we wandered for hours before we met Toro of the Forest, a servo-bot-type Numenera who wouldn’t stop talking. He had a fine top hat though.
He informed us that there were these Old Machines, for which he worked, that wanted us to rid the crystal of the Deneira, to make the crystal an embassy of theirs. I do not know who or what they are, but they mentioned that they were somewhat involved in The Dead War. This I do not like.
Toro took us to the chamber of the Deneira, where we teamed up with one of them, called simply “The Hopeful”. I promised The Hopeful that she could become the leader of the Illthir (once I was done reducing their power), and in return, The Hopeful distracted the guardbots while we confronted the other Deneira. We gave them the choice of fleeing or fighting. It looked like they were about to flee, in fact, but then the slave-children that they owned took stock of their situation and rose in rebellion to kill them all. Jaws and the doc joined in, but H3X, CARIN, Eriden, and I stayed out of it.
It is one thing for an invading caravan to take over and slay the living ‘gods’ of an influential, foreign city. It is another for their slave-class to rise up and take back what is rightfully theirs: revenge. I could not stop the carnage that ensued, though I made sure that at least one of the Deneira had a dagger with which to defend himself. A man has a right to fair combat after all, though I don’t think he ever quite figured out what it was, let alone used it.

The next problem was the crystal. We needed to disable the Devastation and help out our cause. It proved difficult but not impossible. There were a few close calls, and Eriden sure made me pull my weight when she freaked out and I had to console her telepathically all while dealing with our own problems, but everyone performed excellently. There were top-notch performances all around. I think the Council did a good job at assembling this crew that is the Seskii.

We have all climbed into escape pods and started our descent back to Earth. Soon, the real fun will begin. Our players all know their parts, and they will perform to their very best; of that I am sure.

Over and out.

Blood and the workings and understanding of humans
I do not understand humans........

After our comrades had regained their senses from their sudden bouts of severe vertigo, we went into the Crystal, where after wandering around for a while we came across a robot who wore a top-hat and seemed to be in need of repairs because his mental faculty’s seemed to be damaged and he seemed to be showing signs of what the humans call madness. He said he came to us from some machine god beings, i do not understand much of what happened except that he agreed to take us to the Deneira, he also gave us information about them including about one of them who was called ‘The Hopeful’, she was apparently at odds with her siblings and would possibly be able to help us.

And help us she did, upon finding where the Deneira lived it was strange to see how they lived in their little….. i do not know the word to describe it, there was decadence and opulence and many things i did not understand in this place but this ‘Hopeful’ as she was called seemed more then happy for us to kill her siblings to help ‘free’ her, this was another thing that perplexed me, i know the human way of reproduction and these Deneira were doing that with each other but all my Caravan members found this disgusting and horrifying and i assume morally wrong….. When i asked Conrad about why he looked at me funny and tried to explain it but i still do not really understand their issue with this. But back on point ‘The Hopeful’ made it so none of the robot guards in the room would interfere as we went to deal with the Deneira all their children slaves seemed to rise up and start murdering them and it was a blood bath the savagery was nothing i had ever experienced before with blood and the organs of the humans going everywhere before we could do anything. In the chaos me and Kochail got to the room where ‘The Devastation’ was being held but in our way was another Deneira and 2 more robots but they were bigger then the rest and it looked like if we tried to interfere with the machine they would try to stop us. But during our trip through the crystal i had been studying it and knew there was another way that we could deactivate and deal with the device, we had to split up to activate the 3 main control points of the crystal, Conrad and Carin went to the ‘Stomach’, Kochail and Amber went to the ‘Eyes’ and Eriden and myself went to the ‘Brain’. There was no serious issues, i made a mistake on the journey and caused some minor electrical surges to go through me and Eriden, system malfunctions and perception bugs have been fixed though and hopefully it wont happen again. Me and Eriden managed to get into the brain and after a small mistake on Eriden’s part we managed to get everything working, to be honest she was most useful for a human and i wouldn’t have made it out with out her. Everyone managed to activate their respective sections and we shut down ‘The Devastation’ and even moved the Crystal slightly to help with our plan. Now all that’s left is to deal with the Illthir in Veleran.

From High Above

When Konrad stood above The Vagrant City of Veleran something inside of him broke with fear. The crystals height although frightening was the major cause of this. What scared him more was the realization of how small and insignificant he really was. He had thought being able to control lighting and other elemental forces was the gods true power but he was wrong. True power came from being able to direct human lives to completing your goals and one could not achieve that by standing amongst the crowd. Konrad needed to rise above the masses and the higher he rose the more power he would gain.

Notes and Observations
I have been instructed to write my observations.......

In this town of Veleran the people bow down to this group known as the Illtheir, who from my observations gain this power through force and threat. The humans are scared and they appear to have decent foundations to this fear. ‘The Gods’ these Illtheir worship are not divine beings but the crystal that floats above, which is a giant Numenerical device that is probabaly operated by some of the Illtheir. There is blast zone of devastation near Valeran that looks like it was made by some form of laser device fired from an angle that could have only come from the crystal floating above the city. The degree of damage seems similar to how my laser functions just on a much larger scale. So Kochail and the rest of the Caravan have decided its time to intervene and remove the corruption from this city.

We have met with a non-corrupt Illtheir priest named Margaret who is going to help us get up to the crystal and i have been instructed to shut down the ‘Devastation’ so that it can never be used again.

Our trip up was interesting. We were put into a wooden storage crate that was then lifted up by some form of balloon like Numenera, there was no one there to grab the box and bring it safely onto the crystal so we managed to land it ourselves. I then saw the Sunrise from high up and it was as the humans say, beautiful. It was a moment of pure discovery which i will have to document further at a later date.

H3X out.

Amber's Medical Log #2

The city of Veleran is like no town system I have seen before. They take half of everything the populace owns, including food, to give to some “imaginary” gods in this giant crystal in the sky. While everyone seems happy and there is low crime in the town, the lack of food is causing health problems. Many of the children and adults are deficient of valuable nutrients and while I may not be able to do much about getting all their food back, today I went out to families and taught them how to obtain the most from what little food they do have. I also ran a sort of workshop in the town centre to teach the residents how to get themselves back into good health. These kind of deficiencies can lead to these children not developing properly, and this is a society where we need the best and brightest to come into their own, so I will do my best to get them on track before I leave here.


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