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  • Aldeia

    h3. Aldeia These are the small villages and Communities of the 9th World. The generally have anywhere between 20 to 2000 residents, and are generally built around a Clave of Aeon Priests

  • clave

    h3. Clave A clave is a temple or holy residence. It is generally used to refer to the home of Aeon Priests out in the [[The Beyond | Beyond]], but it can sometimes be used in reference to other homes of holy men. As in all things within the 9th …

  • Aeon Priests

    h3. Aeon Priests Aeon Priests are the clergy of the Order of Truth. In the Steadfast, the Aeon Priests have a hierarchy headed by the Amber Pope. Aeon Priests of the Beyond are not linked by any kind of organized network. They do not answer …

  • Terms of the 9th World

    h3. *The Terms of the 9th World* [[Main Page | Back]] The 9th world is a miraculous place filled with many amazing things. Unfortunately, it is so far beyond out scope of now, that these things would be very difficult to explain without using …