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This page is less about the flavour of the game, and more about me being clear with my intentions when running the game. So, theres really very little that needs to be detailed. Ill talk about the optional rules im using, and then a bit about what you can expect while i am Game Master.

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So, this space is to me something really useful. It lets me communicate with players before they play the game, so they know what they can expect. Sometimes though, when ive played in a game, i just really want to see the bits behind the adventure ive just played. Really badly. its part of making games, we are just a curious sort. So, with that in mind i am going to post all of my prep for various adventures up in the page below. Ill put a big ’ole spoiler page up, and then from there on itll be prep. Its important to note that my prep is only part of running the game, so things tend to change on the fly. Also, sometimes its pretty vague, because im not sure how players will respond to what im going to do. As such, take it with a grain of salt.

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