The Aldeia of Le’hasherabe

This Aldeia was once a prosperous village known for its amazing Numenera. People from all around the 9th World would travel here to trade and gain knowledge. However, that was almost another age. Many generations have passed since anyone living has stepped here, and now the 9th World has forgotten the village even existed. it is a proverbial ghost town, and no one that ventures there return.

The Community and Le’Hasherabe

To the people of The Community, Le’Hasherabe wasnt simply some place with amazing things, it was a place home to many of their family. Le’Hasherabe is known to those in The Community as ‘SparrowTown’. It was their connection to The Beyond, and more importantly there only link to fresh water and food. Le’Hasherabe was both independent of The Community, and also their protectors. The two were ostensibly one village, and though travel between them was a secret, it was also free to all those of the Aldeia. The end of Le’Hasherabe isn’t simply a mystery to those of The Community, its a life threatening disaster that has taken an age to catch up to them.

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