Terms of the 9th World

The Terms of the 9th World


The 9th world is a miraculous place filled with many amazing things. Unfortunately, it is so far beyond out scope of now, that these things would be very difficult to explain without using easy to understand language. As such, the 9th World emphasises the idea of a word, rather than the specific meaning. This is important because it means you will still have ‘sheep’ 1 billion years in the future. However, that term doesnt refer to sheep as we know them(unless it does, which may be plot relevant) it refers to animals similar in behaviour and purpose as sheep. So a herd animal that gives its fur or hair or some such for use in clothing and is farmed accordingly. That animal may have tentacles for ears and little sucker legs, but its still refered to as a sheep, because the basic idea is more important than the specifics.

As with everything though, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, there are words that have been created, because the thing they describe is so alien that we as yet dont have a term that fits the idea. These terms will be listed below as they are found.

List of unique terms



Aeon Priests

Slang of the Ninth World

bloodbarm- uncouth slang for woman. Also a form of bloodsucking parasite.
Metal Handshake – A common weapon among petty thieves. very similar to brass knuckles except the knuckles go all the way down each finger.
Atomic Bomb – Cool
Taxman – A person who runs a gambling operation.

Terms of the 9th World

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