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The Community is situated within a place known simply as Somewhere Else. No one knows the truth of the place they reside in. Some believe it to be an underground vault, or some bizarre old world structure hidden under the Earth. Others think it’s another plane of existence separate to the 9th World altogether. All they can agree on is that it isn’t part of the Beyond, or even the 9th world as others know it. The only people that those of The Community have ever met are people that were once of or are currently part of The Community. They are completely cut off from the 9th world, and all of the things and people that come with it. The Community itself is a safe place within Somewhere Else. While Somewhere Else is a shifting mass of corridors, The Community is a stable place that does not change. It is the same place day to day, and is home to the only connection to the 9th World that The Community has yet found.

The Community exists within a rabbit warren of corridors and workspaces spread in a circular pattern around a central space. Interspersed among the workspaces are living spaces, almost located as if to allow people to quickly move from home to the place of their work. The whole structure of The Community is composed of think metal sheets with bizarre uniform engravings on them, and there is no difference in texture or form between the roof and the floor. The only clear indicator for people is that gravity pulls them down, and yet this is not consistent across all of Somewhere Else. The corridors have no lights but still seem to emit a very small amount of ambient bluish light. It isn’t enough to see clearly, but can at least let people move around from place to place. As such, most folk travel with small torches strapped to their shirts. The whole space is not exactly claustrophobic, but definitely does not have enough room for some folks. It can best be described as comfortable. It is not luxurious but nor is it terrifyingly cramped. It is simply comfortable.

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