Switch Case Chronicles

Captain's Log, 6

In which the Seskii departs Veleran and justice is dispensed.

We escorted the Domo and his goonies to the courthouse of Veleran the day after the uprising. We’d identified tracking devices on some of them – little did we know that they would be used to set up an ambush until we were in the thick of it. We almost didn’t escape, either, but then Eriden and Amber made their entrance – by riding one of the crystal-seeds that massive crystal above Veleran spits out. Eriden landed right in front of me, literally on the face of the lackey I was fighting. A close call indeed. I ordered Konrad to change route and we made it the rest of the way to the courthouse without a hitch. I guess we were lucky, in a way.
But these delays had cost us precious time, and we were late for the proceedings. As a result, Konrad, H3X, and CARIN had to help the trial along and make sure that the Domo didn’t make it out of there alive while Doc, Eriden, and I dealt with the diplomat from Veleran who was creating a treatise for an alliance between Le’Hasherabe and Veleran.
I do not know what happened in the courtroom, but Konrad told me he strove valiantly – and successfully to make sure that the Domo hung. I was satisfied with this: if there’s one thing I hate more than liars, it’s the corrupt.
Dor, Eriden, and I, together with the diplomat, made the first alliance in the Sparrowtown Union, with Veleran as one of the founding members. This ‘Union’ is our way of restoring the old prosperity of the Ba’Adenu forest, and our way of increasing the influence of Sparrowtown. Each town in the Union is able to have a member on the Union Council (which is separate from our own Sparrowtown Council). Members of the union are able to trade between each other, and count on one-another for support. As a gesture of support, we promised the people of Veleran that we would dispatch a group of laborers – of which we have surplus – to help rebuild Veleran for some time. In return, they are sending us a fleet of Huases.
The Union Council has also the right to embargo other communities and, if necessary, declare war as a group. Naturally, Sparrowtown has multiple seats on this council, with the other members having fewer seats, but this preserves the balance of power to prevent any one city from overpowering the rest. Veleran was quick to sign up; a wise move for them.
The final thing the Union Council does is provide embassies of each town within all of the rest. For us, we took the Domo’s palace as the Sparrowtown embassy. Other buildings within the Illthir’s citadel are being converted for other towns to use as their embassies. Back in Le’Hasherabe, CARIN has built so many houses that we will have plenty of room for a couple of embassies. These embassies, of course, count as territory for the town to which it belongs, not the one in which it is located. Perhaps this will come as an important distinction some day.

Anyway, that is the Sparrowtown Union Treaty as it stands. I have no doubt it will morph as time goes by.

We departed the next day. It was swift travel at first, but we have now reached the final leg of our journey and it has taken a dangerous turn. We have identified another caravan, this one attacked by a large dinosaur, and we have reason to believe that we are being stalked by the same creature as the one that destroyed the other travellers. It may become necessary to defend ourselves soon. I only hope that the Seskii is ready for the battle.

Over and out.



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