Switch Case Chronicles

Judegement and Punishment

Where Judgement is passed and the guilty pay for their sins......

So we managed to control the Illthir and arrest their Domo, after this struggle there was still fighting in Veleran, but having been part of the main force that stormed the Illthir fortress we were allowed to rest, in the morning everyone was really lazy, so i got up early and went out into the city to visit some of the inhabitants and see their situations before my companions awoke, most of the people with very little seemed to be seriously unaffected from the fighting, but there was still the noise and the threat and they were scared, they even tried to mug me and my money bag got split i managed to grab some of it back but most of it got stolen, but they seemed less hostile after that incident.

Upon returning to the protectorate headquarters we had to escort the captured Domo and several Illthir to be judged and tried, Carin noticed a small little red light flash on one of thir legs and upon closer examination most of them had one, it was a small device which i worked out to be some sort of tracking/ communication device, i disabled all of them and after that we set off. There was a crowd of people outside the Protectorate HQ as we left and some of them seemed hostile, but we managed to get through without too much issue until we came a a cross roads and a heap of Illthir supporters opened fire on us trying to catch us but thanks to some quick thinking by Konrad, Kochail, and Carin and i dont know what they did up there but probably touched things they shouldn’t have, a timely seed pod drop from the crystal by Amber and Eridan, we managed to get all our prisoners to the court house a little bit late but not seriously damaged. In the end most of the protectorate wanted to imprison all the Illthir indefinitely but we convinced them to execute the Domo, to make an example and because his crimes couldn’t be forgiven, this was me, Conrad and Carin, while Kochail, Eridan and Amber worked out the treaty between Le’Hasherabe and Veleran. They seemed hapy with the deal they had made and with our goals accomplished we moved to pack up and head on at the next sunrise for our next destination.



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