Heroes of The Great Reclaiming

These few risked life and limb for the many.


The Sleen Siblings
Joseph Sleen was the brother of Harriet and Vyvyan Sleen. He was a monk of a small order within The Community, and a repentant man. He was the one that convinced Harriet and Vyvyan to travel to Le’Hasherabe. He told them it was a chance for a new beginning. He believed it. Unfortunately, he disappeared on the first day of the Expedition, and came back to terrorise it on the third. It was his death, and the words of the The Old Man that galvanised the sisters. They sought vengeance for their misunderstood brother, and slayed countless undead through the ensuing engagements. It was their bravery that helped the Expediting repel the first great attack from the temple. Now, they man the walls of SparrowTown, in the hopes that they can keep others safe.

Armand Phelps
Inspired by Esther, Armand was a quick study in all things stealth. During The Great Reclaiming he became known as the shadow, and provided more intel to the Expedition than any other scout at their disposal. He believed it was better to see than it was to fight, and better to live than to die pointlessly. He now commands the Scouts of The Community.

Mike Coranel
Mike was once the head Smith of The Community. He was a nice, calm man that never dreamed of hurting anyone. That all changed during a raid on The Expedition to Le’Hasherabe. his partner John had encouraged him to come. Who couldnt use the skills of a capable smith he said. While Mike worked in the Smiths, John would explore and learn about their new home. It was a once in a life time chance. So Mike went along, and took up the mantle of Smith when he got there. One night though, during a particularly fierce attack from the undead hordes of the Lost Temple, Mike and John were cornered. Mike hadnt fought before, and he had no intention of doing so. Battle scared Mike. John on the other hand had taken to it easily. He enjoyed the thrill, and there was no guilt in killing things already dead. So he promised Mike he would do the fighting, and Mike should just hide. Mike agreed, and did as he was told. He watched as john fended off dozens of foes. CHeered even, as John when from splitting skeletons to felling a giant. Unfortunately, at the last moment, John was caught by surprise and slain in a single blow. Dragged away before Mike could grab his body. It was three days before John came back. Twisted, changed by malicious intent. It was Mike that knocked him down, and he swore he would do all he could to slay the other fiends. From that point on, he brought ruin to the Undead horde, wherever he found them.

Heroes of The Great Reclaiming

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