Morillian Gargelen

As calm as the trees


Morillian is a short stocky man. He has dirty blonde hair, and a matching goatee with is starting grow out. He wears a pink silk shirt with a brown, beast skin jacket. and Captains hat. Morlillian brown pants and black boots were both highly detailed and made form high quality materials, but already they have begun to show signs of wear and a certain disregard for their maintenance.


Morillian may look and sound like Konrad of old but there are few other similarities. Morillian is still a keen trader but his methods now are very different. Before the plans for all attack giving greatly but taking more in return. Now Morillian is more passive in his trading deals moving more slowly and little idle chat being done. Morillian takes this approach in many aspects of his life. his fighting style has moved from a brash quick style with little thought of restraint to a more measured style using little wasted movement. Before he would talk for hours and anything and everything now he is much more reserved keeping to himself and giving little information about himself.

Morillian Gargelen

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