The Dead War

The Dead War of Reclamation

Though the great reclaiming spans a large time period, the most important part of it is the Month of Death. A time when the community suffered many losses in weathering the attacks of a malicious sentience bent on their destruction. During this time, the village of Le’Hasherabe was quickly fortified in preparation for attack by an army of the lumbering dead. Barely fending off the assault of the dead, the Battle gave rise to a number of heroes of The Community, such as Knoxx Yuaut, the lost warrior. After repelling this ferocious attack, the expedition was able to rally and take the fight to the Disremembered Temple. In so doing, they were able to provide a distraction for the newly returned Missing to enter the Temple and disrupt the plans of the Intelligence.

The Beginning

The Great Reclamation began when the heroes who would later be known as The Missing repaired the deactivated teleportal in Somewhere Else that lead to Le’Hasherabe. With it again working, and food starting to run low, the leaders of The Community decided that an expedition must be put together to secure their ancestral home. The aim of the expedition would be to find out what had happened to Sparrowtown and to restore food shipments to Somewhere Else.

Upon arrival two facts were discovered by the expedition pertaining to the reason behind the stoppage of food shipments. First, the portal in the 9th World was inactive and unable to be used to get back to Somewhere Else. Second, none of the inhabitants of Le’Hasherabe remained, seemingly extinguished in some great calamity. The expedition began to explore the town, starting by sending three groups of expeditioneers out. The first group which was the largest and contained The Missing, set out to a large warehouse on the outskirts of the deserted town. Another two, smaller, groups set out to notable houses spread through the town.

The warehouse was mostly benign, containing a large amount of food that was originally destined for Somewhere Else but had not been moved prior to The Long Isolation. However, when that group returned to the Assembly building of Sparrowtown where the expedition had begun setting up base, they discovered that the other two groups had not yet returned. It was getting late, but nevertheless the Missing set out in search of the two groups.

They did not find the missing expeditioneers, but instead found some long dead corpses, presumably some ex-citizens of Le’Hasherabe. As the Missing began exploring the house the dead rose up and attacked the search party. Finding the dead to much to handle, the Missing quickly retreated back to the portal, one of them suffering a major injury. Worried by this new information, the expedition quickly fortified the entrances to the Assembly building in case of a late night attack.

This precaution quickly proved worthwhile, as late that night they came under attack by a number of the shambling dead. The defense was successful, with only a few injuries and no deaths being sustained by the expedition from the Community. Another noteworthy event of that evening was the first of many visions to be had around the portal that showed the last moments of Neith Hearly, the last defender of Le’Hasherabe.

The expedition continued exploring the ruined city, and coming under attack each night, for another two days and nights. On the last of these nights Esther Bauer was struck by another vision that had such an effect on her that she wandered off in a fugue. When morning came the rest of the missing left in search of her, and were not seen again until the last days of the Dead War.

The next month was spent reclaiming more of the town. This was aided by many more people arriving from Somewhere Else, as they were forced to come and help due to the lack of food. Relatively heavy casualties were sustained, but by the end of the month they had secured most of the town and made preparations to attack the stronghold of the dead.

As preparations were being finalized the Missing returned from the fog around the stronghold. They claimed to only have been gone for a few days at most. The plan was quickly rearranged, with the Missing to sneak into the stronghold while everyone else would be part of a frontal assault.

The final battle commenced. Losses were heavy on both sides. Luckily the Community’s army was effective enough that even though their losses were slowly being added to the enemy’s army they were not becoming overwhelmed. After a few hours the Missing completed their task, the enemy’s leader was dead. Immediately all coordination within their ranks broke, with many of them simply wandering around. To this day, many of the dead continue to wander the forest aimlessly as a grisly reminder of the horrors faced by those left behind.


The Dead War

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