The Missing

The Missing few of the Great Reclamation

These are the heroes of The Community that went missing three days into the Expedition, and reappeared a month later to bring an end to the undead that menaced the expedition. Some say they disappeared to gain great power, others argue they simply got lost. The truth seems lost to us all, though maybe some accounts exist somewhere. What is clear however is that they were instrumental in overthrowing the Malevolent intelligence that had severed The Community from the 9th World. This is why there is such debate as to where they went, as some argue had they not disappeared in the middle of the night they may have been able to bring the war to a halt before it started. Indeed, some accuse the missing of acting against The Community, and that they only chose to interdict after it was clear the intelligence had failed to overcome the stiff resistance of the expedition.

The Old Man
Dave Wolfe
Esther Bauer


The Missing

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