The PaceBlanc

The Pace Blanc is a large expanse of desert. It is very hot, with daytime temperatures in excess of 40C.

The governments of the area operate out of standing cities, speculation enormous constructs which are about to house hundreds to thousands of people while traversing the desert. end that The cities have numerous treaties between each other, but are relatively blind to settlements outside of their territory.


The Standing city of Learic

Places of Interest

Wildlife of the PaceBlanc Desert

Unique Items of the Pace Blanc

Steam Tech

Moments of Historical Importance

The First Contact between the inhabitants of the PaceBlanc and the Ba-Adenu Foresters was when the Seskii Caravan stopped a group of loggers who were attempting to cut down a holy site of the Ba-Adenu Forest near Avalesh. The Seskii Caravansary managed to diffuse the situation, drawing attention to a treatise that would be drawn up between the Standing City of Learic and the Sparrowtown Union, providing the Union with rights to the forested areas and thus preventing the PaceBlanc populace from farming unsanctioned trees. This treatise was guaranteed for six months – but unless proper negotiations were started before that time was up, the temporary treatise would be rendered void.

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The PaceBlanc

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