The Quirn

The Quirn
A lost people given a home

The Quirn are a race of synthetically intelligent beings. They draw a line at being called Artificial, because they simply do not remember their origins. How can they be sure they were made in a way different to biological life when they dont know how they came to be. They simply are. They have simply always been.

Unfortunately, there are not many of them left. At least, less than a few dozen. At least, they were only few until The Great Reclaiming occurred. Having reconnected with the 9th World, they found many Quirn, but they were different. The Quirn who were left behind in the 9th World were mute. They seemed to have lost all sign of Sapience. They had become as animals. Simply existing. Indeed, no one noticed the Quirn of Le’Hasherabe at first because they did not move. It was as if their minds had left them. Now, the Quirn of The Community work tirelessly to help their Brethren, hoping to bring back their minds by assisting The Community as they once did.

The Quirn as Community

The elders often tell of times before The Isolation. They speak of wondrous machines that worked with the humans and visitants of the Community to benefit all. They speak of The Quirn as they once were. An to many, they sound wondrous. Machines with minds, that were sociable and pleasant company. Machines that were happy to help, or be helped. The elders speak of the Quirn just as they speak of anyone else. That time though, has passed. Now The Quirn are a lost people. Few of them remain, and they do not know their place in the world. They simply know that once they were useful and that that gave them purpose. So now, they try to re-attain that sense of purpose.

The Mute Quirn

The Quirn that were left behind are mute. They do not speak. Indeed, some believe they cannot speak. Their minds are as animals in almost all ways, though they still do not eat or sleep. They simply are. They can be trained though. As such, many of the outspoken Quirn have encouraged people to speak to the mute Automotons, and to let them assist in their work. They hope that the familiar work may in some way restore their sapience, and help them regain their minds.

Since the discovery of the the ‘Mute’ Quirn H3X in Somewhere Else other Quirn have begun to worry that he may be showing the first symptoms of becoming ‘Mute’ and maybe that same fate awaits them all eventually………

A people unified by one aspect

The Quirn do not have a singular form. You can find tall ones, short ones, long ones and fat ones. You can find Quirn with many limbs, or few. Some even walk as Quadrupeds. Simply put, the forms of the Quirn are many. There is however a unifying aesthetic to them. They are all generally covered in a dull, metallic grey skin like substance, that is as hard as metal. It flexes and moves as if it were skin, but is strong unlike any flesh. Generally Quirn have few body parts that exist outside of this metallic sleeve, excluding limbs. Their forms are sleek and smooth rather than rough or clunky. Their makeup generally eschews major distinguishing features such as eyes or noses, and instead focus on the overall sleekness of form. Thus, a bipedal Quirn that looks similar in form to a human does not have many of the identifying features of a human. Generally, all those pieces are internal. So, its head would generally be a skull shaped orb on the end of a neck, but without ears, eyes or a nose. The one exception is that all Quirn have mouths. Generally they are small, but can be distended to fit incredibly large objects into them. This is important, as this orifice feeds directly into their power core, though generally it is sealed by multiple barriers. They often use their mouths to “eat” things and restore their power through a complex process that breaks the bonds of matter and transforms it into Energy.

The power core itself however is the easiest way to tell a Quirn apart from any other automaton. It is easily the most recognisable part of their body, as it exists in the centre of their form. Simply put, it is an orb of intense light with a number of spherical rings revolving around it. It can be seen through the skin of a Quirn as a dull blue glow from their chest. It is the single most important part of a Quirn, and it is the only thing that must be damaged to kill one. The rest of their body is unimportant, but the power core is vital to their continued existence.


The Quirn

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