The Sparrowtown Union

Kochail Jaud, with the help of Konrad Phillips, Carin, Emeryn Idryonson, and H3X, has set up the Sparrowtown Union. This is currently in a formative state.

Members of the Sparrowtown Union

Acting Chairmen: Kochail Jaud (until first elections are held at the end of the Seskii Caravan’s route)
Sparrowtown/Le’Hasherabe Seats (3 members): temporarily Emeryn, until the Seskii Caravan can report to Sparrowtown.
Veleran Seats (2 members):
Avalesh Seats (up to 2 members):

Cities added after the Seskii caravan has completed its route are entitled to one seat on the Council. Cities are free to change their acting member, provided that there is no Council in session.

The Council is held every four months. The place of this event is currently undecided.

The Contract

The Sparrowtown Union is governed by a set of documents collectively known as the Contract. These are as follows:

The Right to Protection

Cities in the Sparrowtown Union have the right to call aid from the Union to protect them. Equally, they are required to offer militia when the Sparrowtown Union required it.

The Right of Trade

Cities in the Sparrowtown Union may trade between one-another as directed by the Sparrowtown Union. They are also offered use of the Causeway between the cities of the Union for the purposes of trade.

The Right to Ownership

Cities within the Sparrowtown Union own their lands. This is an important distinction as it means that non-Union members cannot intrude on the lands without invoking the Union’s Right to Protection.

The Right of the Redcoats

The Redcoat of the Sparrowtown Union will lead all council sessions. The position will be voted on every 40 years or if the position becomes vacated. The Redcoat has the right to break any ties in votes. The Council can elect to try and vote out the Redcoat if they believe (s)he is failing to up hold the values of the Sparrowtown Union.

The Right to Embassy

Members of the Sparrowtown Union are required to present a building for use of other members of the Union. This building is called an ‘embassy’. Areas within this embassy are considered to be part of the country to which it has been delegated, and so the laws of the delegates and not the laws of the city apply.
For instance, the Avalesh rooms of the embassy in Veleran will follow the laws of Avalesh, and not the laws of Veleran.

The Sparrowtown Union

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